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SkyeCandi’s “Look At All This Shit I Just Have Lying Around My House” Giveaway

yeah so as the title implies I have a bunch of stuff that I kinda looked over and went “well I don’t really need or want this stuff anymore but it’s kinda cool I guess? maybe someone else wants it?”

I spent about an hour trying to figure out how many winners I’d have and how I would divide this stuff up amongst multiple people but now it’s 12:45 am and I’m at the “fuck it” point SO YEAH THERE’S ONLY ONE WINNER AND THEY GET ALL THIS SHIT


  • A fuckton of buttons! some of these are fandom based, some aren’t! we got your mlp, your doctor who, starfield, harry potter, pokemon, attack on titan, the big bang theory (I doubt anyone actually wants that one though), hunger games, bravest warriors… dude I got it all.
  • keychains/charms! three rainbow dash ones I guess (hey okay I used to like her don’t bug me), and a harry potter one. also that link pixel art thing. it’s cool.
  • four mlp blindbags! we got twilight, rarity with a short tail (I think that one was part of a set), a custom-painted luna, and that pink one! I don’t know who she is! who cares!
  • some rings! I used to wear a lot of jewelery because I was a pleb. now you can have them! there’s one with a really cool tribal design, one with the japanese character for “snake” on it, and another little one that fits on my pinkie. it’s cool too.
  • two decks of cards! one is a custom mlp one I was given at bronycan 2013, and the other is a Hobbit-themed deck in a cool tin case.
  • despicable me plush!
  • three 2011 mcdonalds ponies! pinkie, rarity, and… whatever that one is.
  • a halo spartan iron on patch and little spartan figurine!
  • a pikachu figure, donkey kong in a kart, and a dialga keychain!

so all in all, HOLY SHIT THERE’S A LOT OF STUFF. and if you win, YOU GET IT ALL OMG

so yeah basic rules:

  • must be following me! new followers are cool.
  • you get all the stuff! maybe I’ll throw in some extras
  • must live in canada/US!
  • must be willing to give me your address and legal name!
  • no giveaway blogs! I will check, yo.
  • you can like and reblog this post! as many times as you want! I literally could not care any less!
  • must be 18+ or have parents permission! this is basic tumblr rules of service shit.
  • you must have your ask box open! so I can tell you that you one the stuff.
  • not mandatory but I would love to hear from you once it arrives! that would be cool.
  • if you have any questions or want a close-up of some of the items just send me an ask! that’s totally fine.


yeah just reblog and stuff I guess

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